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De Fietsdienst Amsterdam

"The Fietsdienst Amsterdam" has been around since 1991 and is the first company in the Netherlands to work with bicycle couriers. For over 20 years they delivered envelopes, packages and boxes in and around Amsterdam. All these years Partner Koeriers have been their car courier if something could not be transported by bicycle in terms of volume or distance. At the same time "The Fietsdienst Amsterdam" was a social work experience project where everyone could work. Many bike messengers have found a paid job in other (courier) companies after this first step .

In recent years "The Fietsdienst Amsterdam" was increasingly dependent on enthusiastic volunteers, without any professional background, to lead a courier company. Unfortunately it was not possible to keep this up.

A bike messenger from Partner koeriersIn the summer of 2013 Partner Koeriers came to the rescue, and after a collaboration of more than 15 years, "The Fietsdienst Amsterdam" was officially made part of Partner Koeriers. Since then many bike messengers have been offered employment with us, after being dependent of social benefit for many years.

We are therefore very pleased and proud that the oldest bike messenger company in the Netherlands recently officially became part of Partner Koeriers.


Amsterdam will be quieter and cleaner thanks to our bike messengers.

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