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Our History

Partner courier has been around for over 17 years! Since our 18th birthday we have been working in the courier industry. Therefore we can say that we have already more than 25 years of experience!

We are a courier company where service, reliability
and personal contact are very high priorities.

We were established in 1997 and our first office was in de eerste Schinkelstraat in Amsterdam-South. Since a few years our office is de Elementenstraat in Amsterdam-Westpoort (Sloterdijk). From here we serve all our customers, both inside and outside Amsterdam. And since a few months, both by car and by bike couriers! Because the oldest bicycle courier company of the Netherlands "De Fietsdienst Amsterdam" has recently become an official part of Partner Koeriers. After a partnership of more than 15 years as their (car) courier, if it could not be carried out with a bicycle because of volume or distance, "De Fietsdienst Amsterdam" is now intergrated within Partner couriers.

Our convenient location, just 2 minutes from the A10 and yet very close to the center of Amsterdam, we can get to all of our customers very quickly.

Partner fietskoerier Think of the environment, order a bike messenger!

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